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Good Deal Mama Has Moved!

February 27, 2010

Please go here to the new site! Thanks for visiting!

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Bulk Cooking: Save Time and Money!

February 27, 2010

I really want to start trying out OAMC, or Once a Month Cooking. Maybe not cooking 30 meals in one day {that seems like a little much}, but I would like to cook up a good amount of meals , so that I have some go to meals that I know I can throw in the oven and I am good to go! Without having to use something that is not so healthy or cost effective for my family!! Money Saving Mom, is doing a series on it right now, and since I am really trying to get started with doing this, I thought it was perfect timing!

Some tips to get started…

  1. Pick your recipes {I am going to work with 5}
  2. Write your grocery list {for like items, just make a tally so you know how many to buy}
  3. Search through your stockpile first, before the store. {this might influence your #1 and #2 so maybe do this first. I plan on looking at items everyone has been able to get cheap/free lately and use them first.
  4. Look at how you will store these items. If the meal is casserole like, it would be good to put it in a dish with lid. If it’s “meal parts” {ex. mashed potatoes and pork} could be stored in freezer bags. Make sure you have enough of whichever you are using.
  5. Plan your prep {prep all alike ingredients}, the order in which to cook, and then assemble.

So, interested in starting with me? Let me know in the comments, and if there is enough interest I will work up 5 meals we can bulk cook. With recipes, ingredients list, and steps to prepare, and next Saturday I will share them all with you. I think these 5 meals I will make double batches {so a total of 10 meals} Lets start there, and see how that goes….

Any tips, suggestions, comments?

I understand that this is not the first thing one would do on the road to living thrifty, first one would shop deals, start a stockpile, and then do this. And I have not covered in detail, how to do the first two {plan on it!} but this is calling me, so please feel free to ask any questions about ANYTHING if you would like! I will answer as best I can!

{A big Thanks to Money Saving Mom and Life as a Mom! They are the experts on this,  feel free to browse their sites!}

Update: Good Deal Mama

February 27, 2010

Site is getting worked on! Yay! So it might be a little goofy for a little…bear with me

Recycle Bank: FREE Coupons

February 27, 2010

I have talked about Recycle Bank before, but its been awhile, and for those that haven’t heard about it before, or anyone needing some more information, I want to highlight it today!

You see Recycle Bank is this awesome program that gives you points for doing different things {for example 40 just for signing up!}

Then you can redeem those for HIGH value coupons! I have gotten $1.00/1 coke product, FREE Kashi Cereal, BOGO Free Green Tag from CVS…and those are just the ones I have gotten, they have many more!

Plus you can Click on the “Earn Points” tab at the top and join the Ebay Green Team in order to get 50 more points for free.  To see the coupons avaiable, click on “Get Rewards” tab…so what are you going to get??? Go HERE to join!

{Thanks Money Saving Mom and Mojo Savings!}

Earn More Swagbucks Everyday!

February 27, 2010

Did you know about the way to get swagbucks everyday?  Now, instead of viewing the Special Offers once a week for 1 Swag Buck, you can view them each day for 3 Swagbucks.  Please remember this is affected by the point value change (3 is actually .3 under the old system).  You will automatically be credited at the end of each set of offers (no more copying and pasting codes). So you go to swagbucks, click on Special Offers, Click Go Now,  click through them {you don’t have to actually do any} and get rewarded with 3 swagbucks!  It only took me about 3 offers to get the swagbucks, not too bad, I can do this everyday!{Thanks Money Saving Maddness!}

Remember to sign up for Swagbucks, click on the link on the right, that says Swagbucks, Earn Prizes, and use code GOODDEALMAMA for 60 Swagbucks!

New Coupons and End of the Month Printing!

February 27, 2010 Has two new Easter Candy Coupons HERE! {Thanks Happy Clippings!}

Remember, at the end of the month {Tomorrow} the coupons will reset, and some won’t be available anymore, so print NOW!

Ann Taylor $20.00 off any pair of pants! Today Only!

February 27, 2010

anntaylor 300x242 Ann Taylor: $20 Off $20 Or More Pants   Today only

Head on over to Ann Taylor and try on any pair of Ann Taylor Pants and for doing so they will give you $20 off toward any pair of pants. GO HERE to print coupon. Hurry! Today – Feb. 27 only!

Go HERE to find a store near you!

{Thanks Mojo Savings!}