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Rite Aid Store Guide

Let me start by letting you know, when I first starting becoming a couponista I thought who has time to wait for SCR [or, Single Check Rebates] Rite Aids Reward program. But they I quickly realized that at Rite Aid, they have so many store coupons that you can stack with manufacturer coupons, and $$ off your total coupons, that it really doesn’t take alot OOP [out of pocket] to shop at Rite Aid [and then you get back money with the SCR!] Read on to see how it all works:

Single Check Rebates

Basically how it works is you buy participating Single check Rebate products, then submit your receipts online and get a check in the mail! These rebates allow you to get items for FREE and sometimes even make money! Yep, make money purchasing items!

To get started in their Single Check Rebate program, you’ll first need to go here and register. Each month Rite Aid will put out a new booklet in-stores advertising all the single Check Rebate items they will be offering up! You can also go here and browse through them online. Keep in mind that some Single Check Rebates are only valid for one week, while others may be offered for the whole month. Make sure to check dates closely for each participating Single Check Rebate item.

So when you look through the weekly ad, you will see the items that give you the rebate checks. Luckily, through this website and others, you can see all these items and if they match up with any coupons! After you buy your items, you enter your receipts online [items will show up usually within 48hrs after purchasing]. At the end of the month, request your rebate by clicking the “request rebate” button. Make sure to NOT click the “request rebate” button if you are planning on purchasing more Single Check Rebate items before the month is up. They ONLY allow one submission per household.

Rite Aid Store Coupons

Rite Aid has THE best store coupons! There are a number of different ones, different ways of getting them.

  • In Ad coupons- these are the coupons you will find in the ad, and even if they say manufacturer coupon on them YOU CAN stack these with another manufacturer coupon [its in their coupon policy, see below]
  • There are coupons that are called Rite Aid Video Value Coupons, you get them by basically watching a commercial on a product and then getting a coupon for the item you just watched. After watching 20 [which honestly takes no time] you get to print a $5.00 off a 20.00 purchase coupon [which can really help lower you OOP]  You can then use the Video Value coupon and stack them with manufacturer coupons to really take a lot off a product! Go here to check out the Video Values Program.
  • The next type of Rite Aid coupon is new, and only available to 4 areas of the country for right now, but will be going nationally soon.Its called Wellness+Sign Up HERE.  There are a few reason why you should sign up now, 1. after so many points you get % off you totals with the card, so if you sign up now, you will start earning points for when it does go nationally 2. when you sign up and use the Wellness+ card you will get coupons that print on the bottom of your receipt. [these are Wellness+ coupons] Wellness+ coupons ARE AMAZING! They are usually very vauge coupons for example 1.00 off ANY HOUSEHOLD item or 2.00 off of 2 Skin Care Items.  They are really nice to stack with manufacturer coupons on lots of items!
  • The last type of Rite Aid coupon is $$ off total purchase coupons. Like the one you get when you join the Video Value program & watch 20 video. [you get a 5.00/20.00]. But if you don’t do the video values [you should!] there are usually a 5.00/25.00, or  a 4.00/20.00 coupon available on different sites, I will point them out when they are out there. One thing to note- you can give these BEFORE any other coupons, as well, again its in their policy, see the policy below!

So bottom line, you buy SCR items. Use $$ off your total coupon, Rite Aid coupons and Manufacturer coupons to lower your out of pocket money to then submit for the rebate(s)- that is usually more than you put out, and that, my friends, is how you make money at Rite Aid. I often have trips that cost me less than 5.00 OOP, I get a bunch of stuff that I needed/or will donate, and then submit for my rebates. I think rite aid is my favorite of all the drug stores!

Rite Aid Store Coupon Policy

Make sure you print this out and always have with you if anyone would have any questions about the Rite Aid coupon policy. It is very clear and useful to use for couponers!

Remember, if you ever have any questions feel free to email me!

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